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THIS is the ultimate weapon of destruction -- they come in many shapes & styles -- the FENDER "Stratocaster" alot of my all time favorite players prefer the "Stratocaster" -- Hendrix, Trower, Malmsteen, Marino, Stump -- as long as it can generate a skull shattering sound I don't care if it even looks like a "Les Paul" - o.k. I know that some of you are screaming now -- I was just kidding as alot of those seem to prefer that -- I was just joking -- "Les Paul"s kick-ass too...

THIS site is as much yours as it is mine - as I am ALWAYS looking for new KICK-ASS METAL to be turned on to -- PLEASE feel free to contribute & we can make this the premier (so, we can make this #1) flagship for HEAVY-METAL..

PLEASE - only true METAL, only pure METAL, only kick-your-ass, bash-your-face-in, rip-your-face-off, go-for-the-throat - melodic power METAL ----->> NO thrash, trash, or mash METAL -- NO death, black, speed METAL and no false METAL:

CLICKING the bands link will give you a listing of METAL bands -- CLICKING on the links LINK will take you to a directory of bands home-pages --- if you are looking to buy METAL albums OR merchandise - click on the MERCHANTS link -- if you are looking for services like HARD-RADIO or METAL-DREAMS magazine - click on the SERVICES link -- you can also click on the feedback link and tell us how you like our site OR you can always contribute and send us anything METAL that fits:






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